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Ready to add another stamp to your passport, but anxious about the language barrier? We've got you covered! At Cherry, we believe in making your travels as smooth as possible, and that includes helping you with those tricky language hurdles.

When you’re venturing into a country where English isn’t the primary language, it's crucial to know a few basic phrases. Not only will it help you navigate through airports, markets, and restaurants, but it's also a sign of respect to the locals - showing them you're making an effort to embrace their culture.

Here are some universally handy phrases to have in your back pocket:

  1. Hello - The first step to any conversation. A simple greeting can break the ice and set a friendly tone.

  2. Please and Thank You - Essential for maintaining politeness wherever you go.

  3. Excuse Me - Whether you’re trying to get someone’s attention or pass through a crowded area, this phrase is handy.

  4. Do You Speak English? - A respectful way to find common ground.

  5. I Don't Understand - Honesty is the best policy, and people will appreciate you trying.

  6. Where's The Bathroom? - Trust us, this one is a life-saver.

  7. How Much Does This Cost? - Especially useful for bartering at local markets or verifying prices.

And of course, “Goodbye” or "See You Later". All these phrases are just a Google search away to translate into your destination's language.

But hey, we understand learning a new language isn’t easy. So why not consider staying at hotels that cater to English-speaking travelers? For instance, the Hotel Ritz Paris or the Aman Tokyo in Japan are well-known for their excellent English-speaking staff and concierge services. Plus, these hotels often provide city guides, tips, and translators that make your stay hassle-free.

Ready to pack your bags? Cherry is here to make your travel planning a breeze. Remember, knowledge is power. Learning a few phrases might just lead to an unforgettable conversation, a new friend, or even a secret local spot you would have never found otherwise.